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Hear What Our TEA Family Has to Say 
Learn How TEA Has Made a Positive Difference on Student Lives

"It is amazing to see as a parent. Your kid standing there working through a concept, to then build a business plan out of it, and then you realize oh my gosh, that's my kid talking there presenting- it's the best kept secret of San Diego!"

"Strong Foundation for Success When Entering the Business World. The TYE program has been an exceptional opportunity for Lucas to not only learn how to develop and pitch a business plan but to network with entrepreneurs in the community. The skills he has acquired and the contacts he has made will provide a strong foundation for success when he enters the business world."

"This Type of Real World Experience is Unmatched! I urge you to invest your children’s time and effort in these programs because the outcome is incomparable. My son didn’t have much direction on what to do in terms of the future and this program gave him a strong business direction and taught him life long lessons regarding his relationships within team members. This type of real world experience is unmatched and will have an incredibly positive lasting impact on your children as well."

Aniqa Hijazi,

Parent, Class of 2020

Craig Banner,


"To this day, the pitch competition that I was involved with in high school has been one of my favorite memories".

"We started with an original idea, it was just a theoretical idea. But through the mentorship we received through this TEA program, we were able to develop it into a real business model."

Neha Pubbi,

Student- Class of 2019

Hithalshi Paraselli,

Mentor- Class of 2019

Jaimie Walsh,


"Having an idea, and being able to build that idea into an actual company- that is something I wouldn't be able to experience anywhere else ."


Class of 2020

"Get Your Children in These Programs ASAP! Parents, as a mentor and a parent myself, if I can give you one piece of advice it would be get your children in these programs ASAP! Planting the seeds while embarking on this journey and providing the right nutrition goes a long way not only to the students that are growing, but also to society as they are giving back their ‘fruits’ to the very same people who have supported them. This program has fueled this effort very graciously to each and everyone of its students."

Devang Shah,


"Every time I see these presentations, and I've seen quite a few, I am just absolutely blown away!"

Sandeep Varma,

Past President & Mentor

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