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Young Entrepreneur Showdown (Y.E.S.)

The Young Entrepreneur Showdown (Y.E.S.), hosted by The Entrepreneur Academy, is a one-week summer camp program providing high school and college students with hands-on entrepreneurial education. Students are housed on the University of San Diego campus and will learn entrepreneurship through workshops and mentorship. Students will hear from successful entrepreneurs, collaborate in small groups, and learn to turn their business ideas into real start-ups. Each team has the opportunity to  compete in a "shark tank" style pitch competition for a cash prize.

At a Glance

University of San Diego

Knauss School of Business

July 14-21, 2024


inc. tuition, meals & lodging

Who is Y.E.S. for?

Gain an extra edge to stand out on your college applications

Network and build relationships with other like-minded students and entrepreneurial professionals

Learn about modern-day entrepreneurship and gather unique insights

Leverage your creativity to generate innovative ideas and problem-solving solutions

College Students


2024 Y.E.S. Program


Tuition Breakdown

On-Campus Housing

Access to Campus Amenities 

Lectures & Workshops

Team Merchandise

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Pitch Competition

Course Supplies


Why join Y.E.S.

Many of us are familiar with tales of Google, Apple, and Microsoft founders investing months, even years, to realize their business visions. But what if there was a faster path to success? By enrolling in Y.E.S., you get to present your business concepts to influential leaders, gain invaluable feedback, and compete for a cash prize. You don't have to wait years like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Larry Page did to make an impact. Join the YES team today and help change the world!

Student Benefits

Exposure to a College Environment

Stand Out on College Applications

Network with Leading Entrepreneurs

Acquire Lifelong Real-World Skills

Gain Valuable Career Experience

Foster an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Develop Financial & Marketing Literacy

Strengthen Teamwork and Leadership Abilities

College Recommendations (by request)

Obtain a Certificate of Achievement

Explore Campus Facilities and Amenities

Build a Strong Resume

What is the Young Entrepreneur Showdown?

Are you ready to make a difference and change the world? 

The Young Entrepreneur Showdown is an exhilarating competition inviting students to pitch their innovative business ideas to a panel of expert judges. Reminiscent of the popular TV show "Shark Tank," students will have the opportunity to impress the judges with their presentation skills and convince them why their product is worth investing in.

This competition not only provides an enjoyable platform for showcasing creativity and business acumen but also offers invaluable learning opportunities. Students will develop essential skills such as public speaking, marketing, and salesmanship, all while competing for a cash prize and having a fun time throughout the experience. 

Program Overview
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Guest Speakers

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