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Fostering Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

Creating Success Through Hands-On Education, Mentorship, and Business Resources.

Why The Entrepreneur Academy is San Diego's #1 Entrepreneurship Program:


Building a foundation for the future generation of elite entrepreneurs.

An extracurricular for high school & middle school students.

As time goes by the world seems to be changing at a very rapid pace.  The young people of the world are poised to be able to meet these fast changing demands.  Through their unique ideas they are able to create innovative solutions. The Entrepreneur Academy provides the training to allow these innovative solutions to be transformed into a viable product or service with modern-day entrepreneurship. TEA allows each student to complete the advanced program with an extensive understanding of how to make creative ideas into successful, real-life businesses. Students will have the opportunity to start their own business with mentorship from successful entrepreneurs from all areas of business including Biotech, Financial, Marketing, Business Development, Social Media, Music, and more. 

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Meet the President

Welcome! My name is Mamta Buch and I am honored to be serving as this year's president of The Entrepreneur Academy. As a past parent and mentor of the program I am excited to help grow one of the "best kept secrets" of San Diego! I bring my 25+ years of experience in the Learning & Development field and the experience of working with and supporting my husband for the last 12+ years as he created his business from the beginning. During that time I played various different roles within the organization.

I look forward to providing our students with a truly memorable experience where they will learn not only business-related skills but also tangible real-life skills that will serve them as they advance through life, be that as an entrepreneur or in the profession of their choosing. 

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Meet the Chairman

Sandeep Varma is the founder and owner of ATS Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor, and ATS Advanced Trustee Strategies. He has over three decades of experience as a financial advisor, focusing on investment management and multi-generational estate planning. He has made it his goal to help families plan for their financial futures. He is known for his ingenious perspectives working with clients and a team of advisors to implement advanced strategies both unique and appropriate for each client family. In 1995, Sandeep created the “7 Biggest Mistakes Trustees Often Make” seminar to help trustees plan properly. He has since authored a book by the same title that is in its third edition.

As a successful entrepreneur and businessman, Sandeep became involved in the local chapter of TIE and served as the President of the South Coast Chapter from 2017-2019. During this time he saw great opportunity to give back by helping with the TIE Young Entrepreneurs TYE program. He launched The Entrepreneur Academy (TEA) as a way to support the local TYE program. He is a proud Chairman and past President of TEA. As an entrepreneur and parent himself, he is very passionate about student education. Over the years, Sandeep has become recognized as a leader in entrepreneurship and has since devised additional educational tools implemented in the TEA program. He conducts in-depth, small group, or one-on-one training and speaks regularly at various conferences and symposiums. His mission is to engage, encourage and excite young people about entrepreneurship and to help students successfully realize all of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Sandeep is a dedicated family man working alongside his wife Nisha as a business partner. Over the years their three children, Ashni, Smitha, and Sanjeev, now all in college, were often seen assisting at client events. Sandeep places high value on family and this mindset provides the foundation and motivation for his multi-generational work with students and families.

TEA Student Benefits

Build a real startup with a team

Participate in a rigorous business curriculum

Develop confidence and leadership skills

Learn directly from startup founders and industry experts

Connect with a dedicated mentor who will coach their team




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"This Type of Real World Experience is Unmatched! I urge you to invest your children’s time and effort in these programs because the outcome is incomparable. My son didn’t have much direction on what to do in terms of the future and this program gave him a strong business direction and taught him life long lessons regarding his relationships within team members. This type of real world experience is unmatched and will have an incredibly positive lasting impact on your children as well."

Craig Banner, Parent

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