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Silicon Valley Trip

Annual Corporate Tours

Our annual Silicon Valley Trip is a day excursion that grants students an exclusive pass to the epicenter of the tech industry. Our journey transports us to the illustrious Silicon Valley, where we've embarked on captivating visits to iconic landmarks like the Microsoft Campus, Qualcomm, Lightspeed Ventures, Google Campus, NVIDIA Campus, and the Hoover Institute at Stanford University in previous years. This immersive adventure offers an enriching experience, immersing students in the realms of innovation and expertise wielded by these industry titans.

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Why Silicon Valley?

These tours foster a unique blend of inspiration and education, allowing our students to envision their futures while networking with industry leaders. Witnessing the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley not only ignites their entrepreneurial ambitions but also equips them with invaluable knowledge and a global perspective. 

Past Agenda

To get a sneak peek at our past agenda and see the incredible experiences we've curated, simply click the button below.



Explore our past adventures and experiences by clicking the button below. Our gallery of past trips showcases the incredible moments and memories we've created together.

Past Guest Speakers
& Corporate Tours

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