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Sandeep Varma


A Bit About Me

Sandeep Varma, the founder and proprietor of ATS Wealth Management and ATS Advanced Trustee Strategies, is a Registered Investment Advisor with over 30 years of experience as a financial advisor. He specializes in investment management and multi-generational estate planning, dedicating himself to assisting families in planning for their financial futures. Known for his innovative perspectives, Sandeep collaborates with clients and advisor teams to implement advanced strategies that are unique and tailored to each family's needs. In 1995, Sandeep developed the "7 Biggest Mistakes Trustees Often Make" seminar to assist trustees in planning appropriately. The seminar was such a success that Sandeep authored a book with the same title that is now in its third edition.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and businessman, Sandeep became involved in the local chapter of TIE and served as the President of the South Coast Chapter from 2017 to 2019. During this period, he identified a significant opportunity to give back by assisting with the TIE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) program. Sandeep founded The Entrepreneur Academy (TEA) to support the local TYE program, and he currently serves as the proud Chairman and past President of TEA. As an entrepreneur and parent, Sandeep is deeply committed to student education, and over time, he has become renowned for his leadership in entrepreneurship. He has developed additional educational tools that are now being utilized in the TEA program, where he offers comprehensive small-group or one-on-one training and speaks regularly at conferences and symposiums. His ultimate goal is to inspire, motivate, and excite young people about entrepreneurship and to assist them in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Sandeep is a devoted family man who works closely with his wife Nisha as a business partner. Over the years, their three children, Ashni, Smitha, and Sanjeev, who are now all in college, have frequently assisted at client events. Sandeep places a high value on family, and this philosophy provides the foundation and motivation for his multi-generational work with students and families.

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